pamela Anderson

The actress conceived that she was “vulnerable” after undergoing a spiritual cleansing, so she agreed to marry Jon Peters.

Pamela Anderson blamed a ‘spiritual cleanser’ for the failure of her last marriage, which occurred twelve days after her wedding with producer Jon Peters.

The actress and model had ended their romance with footballer Adil Rami, between scandals for abuse during their relationship. Apparently Pamela had already resigned herself to singleness and spent a few days in India, where she underwent a series of rituals, including a spiritual cleanser to attract positivism to her life.

Just a few days after living that experience, he met up with Peters, with whom he had already had a relationship more than three decades ago. Having known each other for so long, they decided to get married in just a few days after resuming an affair.

As published by Six Page, a source close to Pamela, the model blames the ‘spiritual cleansing’ of this failure, because it says that this experience left her ‘heart wide open’, combined with the bad character of Peters, who wanted to cancel the humanitarian activities of Pamela, who is dedicated to the protection and defense of animals.

Fortunately, the couple had not formalized their union, as they needed to submit some documents to make their marriage valid.