Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

In 2016, during the Oscars ceremony, Chris Rock had already made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith but this year, it was the last straw! The sequence went around the world when Will Smith got up from his seat to go slap the comedian after a bad joke about his wife’s alopecia . Some netizens thought it was a sketch, but that’s not the case. Moreover, the Academy of the Oscars would be on the point of taking sanctions against the actor .


Minutes after this surreal scene, Will Smith took to the stage again to collect his Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Williams Method . The actor gave a moving speech about peace and love and he also apologized for his gesture on Chris Rock.

Following the ceremony, the Academy of Oscars announced that it did not endorse this gesture and condemned all forms of violence . Adding that it was important to ” celebrate the winners of this 94th edition “.

According to information from The Hollywood Reporter , Will Smith will be able to keep his Oscar . However, the Academy plans to sanction the actor for his violent gesture during the evening. Recalling that she condemns the behavior of Will Smith, she announces that she has begun an in-depth examination of the incident to analyze what sanctions she will take against the actor within the framework of her regulations and Californian law. . For now, the investigation has just begun. What could be the penalties for Will Smith?

From a criminal perspective, California law makes it illegal to strike anyone except in self-defense . But Chris Rock would have to decide to file a complaint . However, the actor / comedian does not seem to want it. The most likely option would be for Will Smith to be kicked out of the Academy as was the case with Harvey Weinstein. It remains to wait for the conclusions of the investigation which has just opened.