Orlando Bloom (42) is determined to spend the rest of his life with Katy Perry (34). That’s what the actor says in an interview with Sunday Today. The couple has been engaged since Valentine’s Day. 

Orlando Bloom tells in the interview about his relationship with fiancee Katy Perry. “It is important to me that we are on the same track. I’ve already been married and divorced, and I don’t want to do that again, “he admits. “And we are both aware of that. She is so remarkable. I am always impressed by her and that gives me courage. ”Both Orlando and Katy were already married: the actor with model Miranda Kerr and the singer with comedian Russell Brand. 

Bloom also told about his proposal. “She likes a big gesture. And I try to sneak in for a little moment now and then, “confesses the actor. “The cool thing about what we do is: we learn to do the little things together. We are both aware that a relationship is a mountain to climb, and that the mountain does not stop. I think that’s it. And I like to evolve further and they are happy too. ” 

Although they are often far away from each other, that makes their relationship just stronger, the actor thinks. “You have to do the basic work together: ensure that there is a sense of trust and safety, so that you can spend time separately and do everything you need to do and still feel connected to that person, so that you can travel together to make.”