Madonna will perform next month during the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. That has been confirmed by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), the organization behind the song festival, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz .

Earlier there were rumors that the 60-year-old Madonna would give a show in Tel Aviv, but it was later said that the singer had withdrawn because there was a discussion about her choice of song. Madonna wanted to sing a new song about American politics, and it would not benefit the organization.

Reportedly, she now sings that song and also plays an old hit. She would receive 1 million dollars (almost 890,000 euros) for the performance and be accompanied by a 160-person entourage.

It will be the fourth time that Madonna is performing in Israel. This happened earlier in 2012, 2009 and 1993. She has visited the country more often because of her interest in the Jewish doctrine of Kabbalah.

Duncan Laurence is the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. He sings on May 16 in the second semifinal of the song contest. Among the bookmakers the singer is one of the favorites.