In early March, HBO aired a documentary ” Leaving Neverland ” (Leaving Neverland), which is a month earlier attracted attention at the festival “Sundance” in the American Park City. The heroes of the film were Wade Robson and James Seyfchak, accusing the late Michael Jackson of pedophilia. Oprah Winfrey invited them to air her TV show to discuss the stories told in the tape.

People who survived the violence were invited to the studio as spectators. Before them, Robson and Seyfchak answered the questions of the presenter, explained why they had been silent for many years, and only in adulthood decided to reveal terrible details.

According to Robson, in his childhood he did not understand that he was a victim of violence. Seifchak added that Michael Jackson was frightened by its consequences, which could come if someone found out about what had happened.

Oprah Winfrey asked the heroes of the program: did they forgive their mothers, who allowed them to regularly visit Michael Jackson’s estate?

Not. Now I’m trying to learn to communicate with my mother, trying to convince her to ask for help. If you cannot help yourself, you cannot help others. She needs to work on her problems in order to understand what happened,”said Seifchak.

The Jackson family condemned the movie “Leaving Neverland”, refusing to consider it documentary and rejecting the charges. Representatives of the family of the late pop star called the heroes of the film liars, and filed a lawsuit against HBO.