One Day At A Time canceled by Netflix earlier this year makes a restart. The series gets a fourth season on the American channel Pop TV.

“You have achieved this. The Alvarez family returns ”

The streaming service announced in March in a series of tweets that it would not continue with the show, which was praised for the positive way it showed a Cuban-American family with limited financial resources. “We made the incredibly difficult decision not to continue with One Day At A Time,” said the company, which stated that it had been looking for solutions, but in the end simply not enough people were watching the show.

Fans of the series about the three generations of the Alvarez family reacted angrily and started the hashtag #SaveODAAT. Also makers and cast, including Hollywood legends Rita Moreno and Norman Lear expressed the hope for a restart. For a long time that didn’t seem possible, because Netflix has the rights to the first three seasons. According to Vulture, the parties have now concluded a deal in which Pop TV, part of CBS, may also broadcast those episodes.

The cast was pleased with the restart on Thursday. Rita Moreno tweeted after the announcement “We’re backkkk” and Isabella Gomez, who plays her granddaughter in the series, said on Twitter: “I can’t believe I’m typing this, but we’ve done it. You’ve got this done The Alvarez family returns. “