Olivia Munn is not dating with Chris Pratt and has no quarrel at all with the ex of Pratt, Anna Faris. That was what the actress told Sunday in an Instagram Story, in which she even shared a screenshot of a text conversation with Faris.

Earlier, several entertainment sites reported that Munn had been seen during an ‘intimate dinner’ with Pratt. In some of those stories it was said that Faris was angry about that, and that shot Munn in the wrong.

“1. Not every woman is bitter and defeated after a break,” she wrote. “2. Not every woman is” furious “to other women because they are dating her ex”.

The actress further commented: “3. So even if I was dating Chris Pratt, some tabloids did not understand how it is between Anna Faris and me 4. Women respect each other and care more about each other than some people want to think.”

Then she shared the texting conversation, in which she told Faris that nothing was going on between her and the Jurassic World actor. Faris, who separated from Pratt last summer, responded with a message in which she called Hollywood “disturbed” and Munn asked to meet up soon.