In an essay written to Time magazine, the actress revealed that Zahara and Shiloh have been through the operating room this year.

Two of Angelina Jolie’s six children and Brad Pitt have undergone surgery so far this year (2020).

The actress has revealed that Zahara, 15, and one of her youngest daughters have been in the hospital in recent months.

“I have spent the last two months going in and out of surgeries with my oldest daughter,” he tells Time in a new trial, revealing that one of his youngest daughters, Shiloh, 13, also went through the operating room.

“They know that I am writing this, because I respect their privacy and we discuss it together, and they encouraged me to write,” Jolie explained, in his collaboration to the magazine for International Women’s Day (March 8), which was titled “ Why girls deserve love and respect on International Women’s Day. ”

The film director also said in her writing that Zahara, 15, and Shiloh, 13, helped each other while they were in the hospital.

“They understand that going through medical challenges and fighting to survive and heal is something to be proud of. I’ve seen my daughters take care of each other, ”says Jolie.

“Also his brothers (Maddox, 18, Pax, 16, and Knox, 11) were there for them, supportive and sweet,” he wrote. “But on this International Women’s Day, writing from the hospital, I find myself focusing on my daughters for a moment, and on everything I’ve learned from them and from other young girls I’ve met around the world.”

Jolie encouraged people to seek the welfare of the little ones, because that is always reflected in the people around them.

“So, my wish on this day is that we value girls. May we take care of them. I know that the stronger they grow, the healthier they will be and the more they will give to their families and their community. ”