The former star of American football, cut short to whom the rumor that attributes to him the paternity of Khloe Kardashian.

Happy feast of non-fathers! On Sunday, OJ Simpson posted a video on Twitter to deny one of the most persistent rumors around the Kardashian family: that he is Khloe’s biological father. “She’s not mine,” he says.

The former 71-year-old American football star was very close to Robert Kardashian. Kourtney’s father, Kim , Rob and Khloe, a lawyer who disappeared in 2003, defended OJ Simpson in his trial for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown, and his friend Ron Goldman. He was acquitted in 1995, before being recognized as a “responsible” civilian in 1997.

“Bob Kardashian was like a brother to me,” he says in the video. “He was a great guy, he met and married  Kris (Jenner , the mother of the Kardashians, ed) and they spent great years together (…) Unfortunately, it ended, but never, and I insist, never, in any way whatsoever, I was interested in Kris, romantically or sexually, nothing ever told me that she was interested in me, so all these stories are false bad, bad taste. “

“I’m very proud of Khloe, like all the other girls, and I know Bob would be too (…) But the simple truth is that she’s not mine.”

The father of Khloe Kardashian , the third born of the couple formed by Robert Kris Kardashian, is the subject of the wildest rumors. Because his features, his silhouette and the color of his hair are different from those of his sisters, several theories have sprouted on the Internet. The hairdresser Kris Jenner, too, has often been considered a potential father.