This is the third such attack in five months against the infrastructure of the oil juggernaut Aramco.

AUAV attack claimed by Yemeni rebels sparked fires on Saturday at two oil installations of giant Aramco in Saudi Arabia, the third such attack in five months against oil mastodon infrastructure.

The Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the two previous attacks, in May and August, on Aramco facilities in the Saudi kingdom, a country whose forces are engaged with Yemeni power against the rebels.

Aramco security teams intervened at 3am (Belgian time) to put out fires in two strategic facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, “targeted by drones”, said the Interior Ministry of the world’s leading exporter of gold black.

“The two fires have been controlled,” he added in a statement relayed by the official agency SPA, without specifying the origin of the drones or if the attack led to the suspension of operations. An investigation has been opened.

The attack did not cause any injuries, told AFP the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, Mansour al-Turki.