The University of Ohio has withdrawn the honorary doctorate awarded to Bill Cosby. Directors of the university have decided this. The accused comedian received the tribute in 2001 during a lecture at the opening of the academic year.


A spokesman for the state of Ohio tells American media that Cosby has violated the standards and values of the university. This is the first time that the university has reclaimed an honorary doctorate.

In a court in Pennsylvania Monday starts the lawsuit against 80-year-old Cosby. Last week, the twelve judges needed were selected. The case starts Monday with the opening statements of Cosby and the prosecutors.

More witnessesCosby is accused in the case of drugging and abusing Andrea Constand.

Last year both the prosecutors and Cosby’s legal team did not convince the jury, which made the case void. More witnesses to the comedian may be called up in the new treatment.

In addition to Constand, five other accusers, including model Janice Dickinson, will tell their story in court.