The tension between the United States and North Korea is mounting …

The United States and South Korea suspect that North Korea is preparing to launch missiles capable of reaching US territory in the near future . According to a government source quoted by the daily Donga Ilbo , satellite photos have shown these days the transport, from hangars near Pyongyang and in the region, of ballistic missiles mounted on launchers. This could include the Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile, which would reach Alaska, or Hwasong-12, which Pyongyang had already threatened to fire towards the US territory of Guam, in the Pacific.

North Korea may also be preparing to test a new Hwasong-13, another intercontinental missile whose range could eventually reach the west coast of the United States.

Demonstrations of strength

This new launch of missile from Pyongyang could intervene before the joint naval maneuvers between South Korea and the United States which must start next week. An American aircraft carrier will be at the head of the maneuvers: a demonstration of strength against North Korea, while the tension rises around the program of armaments of this country. Pyongyang on his side considers these maneuvers as a provocation and this time could prepare to reply otherwise than by words.

The maneuvers will take place from 16 to 26 October in the Sea of ​​Japan and in the Yellow Sea. The USS Michigan nuclear submarine arrived Friday in the South Korean port of Busan, according to Yonhap agency, a few days after the departure of another nuclear submarine, the USS Tuscon. At the beginning of the week, two American supersonic heavy bombers flew over the region during a first night-time exercise involving the aviation of Japan and South Korea.