Norman Reedus shared a “bloody selfie” with fans and announced the end of filming of the season 10 of The Walking Dead.

In the picture, the performer of the role of Daryl Dixon is depicted with fake scratches and cuts on his face, while his colleague Melissa McBride has a huge scar on her temple and forehead.

Season 10 is filmed

– the actor succinctly signed the photo and added several emoji in the form of hearts.

Congratulations, brother! You did a great job this year! I’m proud of you. 10 YEARS,

– Jeffrey Dean Morgan wrote in the comments.

Congratulations, honey, that was great,

– Diana Kruger supported her husband.

However, Reedus’ happy selfie with McBride only spurs rumors that both actors will leave the show after season 10. Dialogue from the first episode of the season led Daryl and Carol to such thoughts of the audience, when Carol asked if he thought that all that was left for them was “to face people, kill each other, and no one will stop it.”

No more fighting. We sit on the bike and dump

– Daryl answers her. How much the words of Norman Reedus were close to the truth, we will find out only next year.