Disney CEO Bob Iger thinks that too many Star Wars movies have been released in recent years. The strategy to publish a film every year is being adjusted.


“I have decided to release a film every year,” says Iger in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter“Looking back, you can say that I made a mistake by releasing too much material too quickly.”

The disappointing visitor numbers and income from  Solo: A Star Wars Story are partly devoted to saturation among the fans. The film came out last May and was one of the worst-earning Star Wars films.


Although The Last Jedi yielded more than 600 million euro in December 2017, it was more than 250 million euro less than  The Force Awakens in 2015. The film in 2015 was the first Star Wars film ever released since Revenge of the Sith in 2005 and since inventor George Lucas sold his film company to Disney.

The boss of Disney says that there is no longer a film every year, as initially, the planning was. “However, we will continue to develop new storylines, but we will only be more careful with the quantity and the planning.”

Director JJ Abrams, who  also directed The Force Awakens  and partly wrote, is already filming for the ninth part of the saga. That film, according to Iger, just according to plan in December 2019.