In the coming months, the catalog of the Nintendo Switch will benefit from the arrival of many independent games, sometimes new, sometimes not too much.

After his Nintendo Direct a few days ago, Big N yesterday unveiled a new short video. This one, named Nindies Showcase Spring 2018, was interested as its name indicates to the independent games which will arrive on the Switch within the next months. And many will come to garnish the catalog of the machine already well populated.

If you’re an indie game and you’re not on Switch, you’ve missed your life

Let’s start if you want it through the remastered games, which are two in number. First  of all, Klei Entertainment’s excellent Mark of the Ninja Remastered will arrive next fall, while Lumines Remastered will arrive in the spring. Difficult not to highlight also a certain Banner Saga 3 , the last installment of the trilogy that will arrive on Switch (and elsewhere) this summer. The first two opus will also be worn on the Nintendo console.

Then, the funny and friendly PC game West of Loathing will arrive in the spring, accompanied on the same period of Reigns: Kings & Queens who will propose for the first time the license and exclusively a local cooperative mode. Also in the spring will be the top-down garage retro shooter  , the Light Fallplatformer   (exclusively temporary) and finally the exploration and puzzle game coop ‘  Pode .


There is a little left, I put it to you? This summer, Switch players will be able to purchase the Just Shapes and Beats musical game (temporary exclusivity as well), the The Messenger platformer , the Fantasy Strike fighting game, the Bomb Chicken platformer or the Bad North rogue-lite . On an unknown date will also arrive the intriguing and visibly perched  Pool Panic  by Adult Swim Games. Finally, and even if they were not present in the video, the excellent games  Hyper Light Drifter  (this summer), Nidhogg 2  (2018) and Hollow Knight  (no date) will also be worn on Switch.

Nindies Showcase Spring 2018