The Nintendo Switch will have an adjustable charging stand next July. This will allow you to play and recharge the power of the hybrid console in table mode.

One of the flaws of the Nintendo Switch, namely “how to recharge its console in tabletop mode while the USB type-C is on the lower edge of the tablet”, will soon be solved for the great pleasure of fans of the Japanese brand. By July 13, the Kyoto firm will market the ” Adjustable Refill Stand ” for 19.99 dollars in the United States (an arrival in Europe is not mentioned at the moment).

This accessory will allow you to play the new Big N machine, while recharging it and taking advantage of the angle of the support to have a better vision. Indeed, the Nintendo stand for the Switch is fully adjustable. Players can make several adjustments, depending on the size of the person who plays on the hybrid console or the distance to the screen.

Nintendo Adjustable Refill Stand for Switch in Pictures

For the record, the Nintendo Switch is composed of a tablet to which can be connected two Joy-con, a classic controller (the Pro-controller) and a dock for recharging and display the image on a TV. It can work as a home console, nestled in its docking station, or as a portable console.