The actress when she got pregnant with her daughter Sunday Rose, thought: “That’s it, I’m done.”

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman said she was considering leaving her job as an actress to be a full-time mother when she became pregnant.

Kidman is an adoptive mother of Isabella, 27, and Connor, 24, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise and her biological daughters Sunday Rose, 11 and Faith, nine, with her spouse Keith Urban.

She said: “I’m glad that when I got pregnant with Sunny, I didn’t give up everything. Because I thought: “That’s it, I’m done.” I was in that kind of euphoria of pregnancy and said: “Yes, that is, I am retiring.”

“My mother really said: Don’t do that. Just keep a small finger in the water. ”

The actress of “Moulin Rouge!” She is happy with her decision, but wishes to have “more time” to be able to give her family the attention she needs, while she can take on all the creative projects that interest her.

She told Heat magazine: “I wish I had more time. I have two girls and I have a husband that I am deeply in love with, a great boy and a good man, and we have a very strong family unit that requires a tremendous amount of time. ”

“Therefore, I don’t have all the opportunities to go and support all the artistic efforts that I would love to make. I love my family and I want the balance. ”

The “Bombshell” star said her husband gives her the “balance” in her life she always craved.

She said: “I like to relax meditating, but what makes me feel more comfortable and safe is being with Keith. Having a partner by your side, someone with whom you can talk, who loves you and who you love, balances everything. Before I met him, I was more scared. Now I feel protected thanks to this great friend and wonderful companion that I have. ”