It was when they recorded the tape ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that they were in their “best moment as a couple”.

Nicole Kidman stated that when she filmed the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ with Tom Cruise, they were a happy marriage, having the best time as a couple.

The Australian actress told The New York Times newspaper: “We were happily married when we did this. We went to go-kart races after filming the scenes. We were going to run at 3 in the morning… I don’t know more to say, I don’t have the ability to look back and analyze it, or I’m not willing to”.

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was a very controversial film in its time (1999), since it had strong sexual scenes, and Kidman with her husband Tom Cruise were one of the most mediatic couples in Hollywood, which years later ended in divorce. They both had two adopted children who were left in the actor’s custody, and who are very active members of Scientology.

Nicole rebuilt her life with the Australian singer Keith Urban and had two daughters, while Cruise married Katie Holmes with whom he fathered their daughter Suri, divorcing shortly thereafter.