Australian star “Big Little Lie” Nicole Kidman turned 52 last month, which is hard to believe at times. It seemed that the actress would never grow old until the Goldfinch trailer appeared on the network.

A few hours ago, Nicole Kidman surprised fans with her transformation by posting a trailer for the picture in an Instagram account. In some passages of the minute video, the actress appeared as an elderly Mrs. Barbour, adding to herself extra years with the help of a gray wig and make-up. Star colleagues and friends Kidman, represented by Rita Wilson, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow, said they could not wait to see the film adaptation of bestseller Donna Tart. For the novel of 2013 with the same name, the writer won the Pulitzer Prize.

In the film, Nicole played the role of the New York socialite, who took under her wing the young Theodore Decker (Ansel Elgort) who was orphaned as a result of the terrorist attack. After the boy lost his mother in an explosion, in his hands was a picture of the Dutch artist Karel Fabricius, which eventually became his curse and salvation at the same time.

Finn Wolfhard, Jeffrey Wright, Sarah Paulson and others also joined Kidman and Elgort. For the production of the film meets John Crowley.