Yesterday, in the framework of the Fashion Week in Paris, Giorgio Armani Prive was shown, one of the main stars of which was Nicole Kidman. In the first row of the defile, the actress was sitting not alone, but with two husbands at once.

The first, the real, Keith Urban, the second, the on-screen — colleague on the series “Big Little Lie” – Alexander Skarsgard – Kidman talked and laughed nicely throughout the show. In addition to them, Nicky Reed and Ian Somerhalder, Nicky Hilton, Lady Kitty Spencer, Damien Chazelle and his wife, Zendaya, Sarah Sampayo, Natalia Osmann and others came to see the maestro’s new collection.

As for the Giorgio Armani Prive collection itself, here the designer presented a whole galaxy of costume images – but not classic strict ones, but very feminine, delicate and at the same time bold. This also applies to traditional for the brand’s ball gowns, which in the new season are distinguished by an extraordinary cut, transparent fabrics and an abundance of decor.