Nicolas Cage will play the lead role in director Kevin Lewis ‘s horror film Wally’s Wonderland . Deadline reports Tuesday.

Lewis is known for The Drop , among other things . Cage plays the role of maintenance worker in a strange amusement park where he ends up in a living nightmare. When the dolls come to life, he must fight for his own life by defeating all monsters to get the morning and escape from the park.

The scenario is written by GO Parsons. Grant Cramer ( Lone Survivor ), Jeremy Davis ( The Street Racer ), Danny Roth ( Anti-Life ) draw together with Cage and Mike Nilon for the production of the film.

The film will be recorded and presented from the end of January during the American Film Market festival in November 2020.

“For me, there was always only one actor who could turn this film into a success,” said Lewis. “That actor is Nicolas Cage. I am honored to work with him and I can’t wait to see him fight with Wally and the rest of his crazy gang. I see this film as a cross between Pale Rider and Killer Klowns from Outer Space . “

Nicolas Cage will soon be featured in the film Primall and the gothic thriller Grand Isle.