Nicki Minaj can breathe easier – lawsuit claiming rapper harassed and threatened woman who accused Nicki’s husband of sexual assault has been ditched … and Nicki plans to sue woman to recover lost money in charges legal.

As per the reports provided by TMZ, the lawsuit against Nicki was voluntarily dismissed by Jennifer Hough on Wednesday. A source close to the this matter tells us that no financial settlement has been made to make it disappear. Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty remains charged.

In a dazzling response, Nicki’s attorney, Judd Burstein , tells TMZ Jennifer and her attorneys thought they could shake Nicki up for easy money, trying to settle it financially from the start.

We saw an email Burstein sent to Hugh’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn , which read, in part, “In my opinion, your conduct in pursuing this case against Nicki is the worst in our legal system.” : low-level lawyers who pursue frivolous lawsuits against a celebrity assuming they’ll get paid if they throw enough dirt. ”

TMZ broke the story, Jennifer sued Nicki in August, claiming Nicki and her legal team offered to pay Jennifer to change her story about what happened with Kenneth.

This lawsuit against Nicki is officially over.