He played a suicidal homeless person in  Down and Out in Beverly Hills , but Nick Nolte joined the Hollywood Kings on Monday, inaugurating his star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 76-year-old actor is honored for a career spanning half a century during which he has won multiple awards and three Oscar nominations.

“When I was not yet an actor, I sometimes came here to see these stars, they evoked the individuals they represented, their stories, the films in which they played. So it’s a great honor for me to receive this tribute, “said the actor known for his hoarse voice, in white suit and beard.

Nick Nolte has made a name for himself as an inveterate party animal and for portraying unstable or crisis characters on screen, like a hard-to-cook cop alongside Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours (1982). lawyer for a rapist in Cape Fear (1991) by Martin Scorsese.

Currently, in the credits of the television series  Graves, he was born February 8, 1941 in Omaha, Nebraska, and moved to California after high school, where he studied – and played football – at the University of Pasadena near Los Angeles

He was featured in  Warrior  (2011), Hotel Rwanda (2004), The Thin Red Line (1998) and  Jefferson in Paris (1995).