As soon as the public became aware of the novel by Channing Tatum and singer Jessie Jay, the 30-year-old singer was immediately drawn to the attention of journalists and tabloids. The press is actively discussing not only Jessie’s striking similarity with Channing’s ex-wife Jenna Devan, but also her ability to have children. It turned out that Jessie could never give birth to Tatumu’s heir.

During a recent concert in London, which was also attended by Channing, the girl said that she could never have children. Back in 2014, Jesse said that she wanted to become a mother, but her plans never came true.



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“I didn’t talk about this in order to sympathize with me,” Jay recently confessed. “I’m just one of a million women who have had to face it.” It seems that Tatum is not in the least afraid of this, albeit bold but shocking, confession from his new girlfriend. Probably the actor is ready for the fact that he will no longer become a father. Recall that Channing already has a child – the daughter of Everly from marriage with Jenna, and now he is ready to just enjoy the relationship with the opposite sex.