The news about Harry (36) and Meghan (39) does not come to an end for today.Β A new photo has just come online of the couple, apparently taken from the series by close friend Misan Harriman to reveal Meghan’s pregnancy.Β Son Archie can also be seen in the photo.

“I am grateful for the small part I played”

The picture of the family of three appeared on a Meghan fan account on Instagram, and has the same setting as the photo with which Meghan announced her pregnancy.Β This photo, too, has little resemblance to a serious state portrait: we see them comfortably with bare feet in the grass.

Photographer and good friend Misan, who probably also took this photo, said earlier that he was extremely proud to take the photos of this special moment.Β He called it a ‘sign of friendship’.Β “Meghan reminded me that she would never have met Harry if I had not introduced her to a mutual friend. I am grateful for the small part I played.”Β