The 37-year-old daughter of US President Ivanka Trump is now on a visit to Colombia. She actively shares photos from the trip in her Instagram. Ivanka‚Äôs business program is very rich. So, yesterday she took part in the opening ceremony of the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs.

In public, Ivanka appeared with a new hairstyle – a spectacular caret. As an outfit, counselor Donald Trump chose a pale green dress from the Johanna Ortiz brand with flounce sleeves and a peplum. Ivanka complemented the image with suede boats of an earthy hue and large earrings-rings. At the event, she was accompanied by Colombian Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez.

Ivanka also made a speech to all the participants, wishing good luck to the first participants of the project.

It was an honor to meet these businesswomen! All of them overcame significant difficulties to be where they are today. Like all of Colombia, they do not look back, they look only forward. They embody the spirit of the future, and I look forward to seeing how their success is changing our world for the better,

– Ivanka wrote on social networks.

In the evening, Ivanka was waiting for the reception of the President of Colombia, Ivan Duke Marquez and his wife Maria Juliana Ruiz. The gala dinner was held in Casa de Narinho, the official residence of the head of state.

For this event, Trump chose a bright yellow fitted dress on thin straps from Johanna Ortiz with a spectacular beveled frill – thus Ivanka shows respect to the host side, because this is a Colombian brand.