Do you want to see Kristen Stewart in the image of a charming blonde, and the princess Jasmine – with a weapon in her hands? Then the first trailer of the Charlie’s Angels reload is already online.

If the first shots of the coming film did not assure that the audience is waiting for something new, then the trailer copes with this task. Judging by the three-minute movie, Elizabeth Banks managed to collect the star cast and dispel the doubts that the picture deserves attention. The video clearly demonstrates that the audience will be presented with three charlie angels of different nature, each of which will have its own talents and charm. It seems that for good reason Banks persuaded Kristen Stewart to take part in the shooting.

The company of the actress consisted of the star of “Mighty Rangers” Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska, as well as Elizabeth Banks herself as an assistant to Bosley, Patrick Stewart, Sam Claflin and others.