The Laundromat, the film by director Steven Soderbergh about the Panama Papers with Meryl Streep, will not be released in the cinema but can be seen via Netflix. The streaming service will also finance the drama. 

Deadline reports  Tuesday. It has also been announced that David Schwimmer (best known as Ross from Friends ) has won a role in the film.

He plays the character Matthew Quirk, a lawyer who assists an insurance company that flies his clients. When this is discovered, this eventually leads to the larger research that is now known as the Panama Papers.


It is not the first time that Netflix has acquired the rights for a big drama film with well-known actors. So The Irishman, the drama created by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro, seen in 2019.

In The Laundromat, besides Streep, Antonio Banderas, Gary Oldman and Riley Keough also play a role. 

Also celebrities ‘victim’ 

The project is based on the book  The Secrecy World by Jake Bernstein, an investigative journalist who helped to make the Panama Papers public. The Panama Papers contain information that shows that many companies and individuals have placed their money in Panama and other countries to avoid possible taxation.

The documents also included celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Simon Cowell, Emma Watson, footballer Lionel Messi and the father of British Prime Minister David Cameron.