Grace And Frankie

Comedy Grace And Frankie gets a sixth season on Netflix. In the series, two ladies of age (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) reclaim their lives after their husbands have known to be secretly loved ones.

The streaming service announced the news just before the fifth season of Grace And Frankie starts on Friday.

To promote this series, the actresses were guests on Tuesday at the afternoon talk show by Ellen DeGeneres. The presenter stood with her mouth full of teeth when Fonda (81) spoke extensively about a vibrating scene in the series, just after Ellen had said that it was a product “that we can not talk about here”.

In Grace And Frankie , the title characters put sex products for older people on the market. The acting duo revealed that they were therefore asked to join forces with a real brand that acts in sekstoys. They did not accept the offer. “Because they wanted us to make a demonstration video,” said Tomlin (79) as a joke.