Despite some changes, the new project promises to be an organic continuation of its predecessor.

As Entertainment Weekly learned, the popular Vikings drama series, produced by History, will migrate to Netflix in the form of a spin-off called Vikings: Valhalla. The action of the new television show will unfold a hundred years after the events of the original series.

As an announcement, Netflix posted the following message:

Spectators are waiting for a story about the intense adventures of the most valiant Vikings who have ever lived on earth – Leif Ericsson, Freudis, Herald Harada and Norman King William the Conqueror, who also belonged to the family of the great Scandinavian sailors. These men and women will have new life paths open as they continue to fight for survival in a constantly changing and evolving Europe. This will be the next chapter from the glorious history of the Vikings.

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Beginning December 4th, the end is near. #Vikings

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The Viking: Valhalla showrunner will be Jeb Stewart, nominated by the creator of the original television show, Michael Hurst. Stuart had previously been involved in writing scripts for films such as Die Hard (1988) and Runaway (1993). It is reported that the rest of the development of the spin-off will be the same team that was responsible for the first “Vikings”.