The Silence is seen as a kind of combination of Bird Box and A Quiet Place. The horror is really based on a book that came out before those two films were developed.

“There are indeed similarities, but I am sure the film stands on its own”

Netflix streaming service comes with the first trailer for the new horror The Silence. And to be honest, it is very reminiscent of A Quiet Place. This time too, it is a post-apocalyptic world in which animals hunt for the sound of their prey. There is another similarity: both families use the senses of a deaf child. 

Despite the similarities, The Silence was really earlier. It is based on a book by Tim Lebbon, which was released in 2015. Green film was even given to a film in 2017, but it didn’t get off the ground. “There are indeed similarities, but I am sure the film is on its own. It will be epic,” the author writes on his site. “It’s a bit of a shame, but I can’t say more about it.”

A big difference is the animals in the film. In The Silence they are a kind of bat-freak, which is quite different than in A Quiet Place. Of course it is also a different cast. This time Stanley Tucci, Kieran Shipka and Miranda Otto from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and John Corbett from To All The Boys play I’ve Loved Before.