Netflix has bought the rights to the movie Bruised , the directorial debut of actress Halle Berry. Deadline reports this .

According to insiders, Netflix would have paid an amount with no less than eight zeros for the film, the production costs of which are estimated at around 20 million dollars. After seeing a foretaste, the company was so impressed that it insisted on getting the rights. The deal is in its final stages and should be close to completion within hours.

The film was supposed to premiere on Saturday during the Toronto International Film Festival, but the streaming giant is now changing that.

Bruised is about a mixed martial arts fighter, played by Berry, who faces the return of her six-year-old son. In addition to Berry, Adan Canto, McKinley Henderson and Sheila Atim can be seen in the drama film.

It is still unknown when the film will be released on Netflix.