Brad Pitt is regularly credited with novels with various women, but for a long time these rumors do not circulate, although the actor does not refute them. But the professor at the Massachusetts Institute Nery Oksman lingered in the tabloids longer than others, many really believed in the novel bright and interesting Neri and a popular Hollywood actor. However, information about their relationship still turned out to be false, and Oksman herself confirmed this.

Recall that Neri and Brad have never been seen together on dates, 42-year-old Oksman spent almost all her free time with millionaire Bill Ekman, but insiders so convincingly insisted on her affair with Pitt that it was difficult not to believe in it. Neri finally upset the fans of the actor in an interview with The New York Times. She said she was not and never had a relationship with Pitt, but would be happy to work with him once on a joint project. A professor is still encountered with the same 52-year-old millionaire Ekman.