One of the main premieres of the Venice Film Festival was the musical drama “Voice deluxe” by director Brady Corbet. The songs of the authorship of the Australian singer Sia, the dizzying play by Natalie Portman, who tried on the image of the pop diva, and the vivid visuals promise the audience a memorable drama that refers to real stories. All this – in the first trailer of the film, which viewers can appreciate now.

“Voice deluxe” tells about the girl Celeste, who is going through a school tragedy and dedicates a ballad to her. The musical composition becomes a hit and brings the girl popularity. Twenty years later, Celeste turns into a pop diva who swears, drinks and indulges in pills. The heroine owes her career to psychological trauma, but it is she who can ultimately destroy her.


For director Brady Corbet, this is the second picture. Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Christopher Abbott, Willem Dafoe, Raffi Cassidy and Jennifer Elle starred in it.

“Voice deluxe” is not the only musical drama this year: in October, the movie Star was Born with Lady Gaga was released, and in November the film Here and Now with jazz-singing Sarah Jessica Parker was released. “Voice of the Suite” with Natalie Portman, Russian viewers will be able to see March 7, 2019.