Supermodel is now visiting South Africa

No wonder Naomi Campbell firmly entrenched the status of Black Panther – everything that she undertakes is always impressive with her special grace. So, the other day supermodel, who went on a visit to South Africa, danced on the camera a fragment of local dance. The first to see the spectacular pas Naomi was fortunate enough to trust the South African foundation Amoyo Performing, which organizes dance and theater classes for children in Cape Town. It was in their studio that an incendiary video was recorded, which the model later shared on its Instagram page.

Judging by the short video, in his 48 Naomi not only looks amazing, but also dances perfectly. We dare to suggest that both facts are a valuable legacy from her mother, a British dancer with Jamaican roots, Valerie Morris . Together, Valerie and Naomi look like friends or sisters!