The villa in Beverly Hills where Brad Pitt (55) and Jennifer Aniston (50) were once so happy is on sale again. The former love nest of Brad and Jen can be sold for 49 million dollars to a new resident, People reports.

The former lovers bought the historic building in 2001 for 13.5 million dollars, to get rid of it again in 2006, a year after they parted. The villa dates from 1934 and has five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. Furthermore, the marble floors in the house have underfloor heating, there is a large dining room that can accommodate 20 people and the master bedroom has high sloping ceilings with beams.

Those looking for entertainment outside can go to the swimming pool, hit a ball on the tennis court or have a drink on one of the terraces. Famous neighbors are also included: actor Danny DeVito lives on the estate next door.