Morgan Freeman is given the lead role in the Lucca Mortis film drama by British director Peter Greenaway. The American actor will also act as a producer, Variety reports on Monday.

82-year-old Freeman plays a writer for whom “dying” is likely to be his last big adventure. He travels for a sabbatical with his family from the New York neighborhood of Little Italy to the Italian town of Lucca to go back to his roots and try to tie the loose ends of his life together.

As a producer, Freeman collaborates with Lorii McCreary from his own film company Revelations Entertainment and Kees Kasander, who has already worked with Greenaway for fifteen other films. It is intended that the film will be recorded from March 2020.

Freeman won an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby and was also nominated for his roles in Street Smart , Driving Miss Daisy , The Shawshank Redemption and Invictus . His most recent role was that of President of the United States in Angel Has Fallen . That film can currently be seen in Dutch cinemas.