Monica Bellucci told the French magazine France24 about her fear of interpreting Maria Callas at the theater . The show Maria Callas: Lettres et Memoirs debuted last November and will close the first part of the tour on March 28 at the Bouffes Parisiens theater in Paris. The piece is inspired by the book of the same name which contains the singer’s writings. The Italian diva, at her first theatrical experience , tells the difference between shooting a film and dealing live with the public. Bellucci, in this world for almost forty years, has accepted this new challenge with courage and says she is still afraid of the stage.

” I considered it a real leap into the void ” says about the theater the beautiful Monica Bellucci, mother of the new model Dolce & Gabbana, Deva Cassel . The show is based on the reading and interpretation of some personal letters and writings of the greatest opera singer of our times. From modest childhood, to great success, to tormented love with Aristotle Onassis .

I said ‘yes’ in spite of myself, I spontaneously left, as if I didn’t have time to think about it. I found the project seductive and above all this woman fascinates me. What involves me about Callas is a certain duplicity between the diva and the woman, capable of loving with the purity of a child