This weekend, Vanessa Hudgens decided to indulge in nostalgia and sing a song from The Classical Musical. At the same time, the actress showed her fans how a drunken version of a long-familiar composition would have sounded.

Vanessa shared a video on Instagram where she sings Breaking Free, one of the franchise’s most popular songs, in karaoke.

Here is a very bad, aggressive and completely sober version of Breaking Free. Yes. This happened. It hurts my ears and makes me laugh

– wrote the actress.

Fans were thrilled with the video. Together with Hudgens, they laughed at her unusual performance and added that they were happy to hear Gabriella’s song again. “It’s unbelievable,” “It made my day,” “Gabriella Montez forever,” such comments were made by fans of the actress.

To complete the picture, only Zac Efron, with whom Hudgens performed this song in “Classical Musical”, was missing. Then her heroine Gabriella, along with Troy (played by Zach) participated in the audition and sang Breaking Free in front of a whole crowd of students. Apparently, at the time, their joint work on the film really impressed Vanessa, because after the “Classical Musical” she met Zack for another five years. Then the lovers were called one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood.