After the wedding with Evan Spiegel and the birth of his second son, Miranda Kerrrarely went out. The star of Victoria’s Secret shows was distracted from the model career, focusing on the family and their own business projects. So the recent appearance of Kerr on the street in New York, where the paparazzi photographed the celebrity, was a rare success for the press.


Picture by: Felipe Ramales /

Miranda hit the lens as she walked through Manhattan. On a clear and warm day, she chose a black and white combination of a light blouse and a mini skirt. A black Hermes bag, sunglasses and gold jewelry, and among them – an engagement ring and a pendant with the name of her husband – complimented her day-time image.

Almost five months ago, the model, we recall, gave birth to Hart’s son and now gradually gets rid of the kilograms collected during pregnancy. However, even now Miranda looks beautiful.

On the day the paparazzi overtook her on New York Street, she gave an interview to Allure magazine and published several photos with the publication’s representatives on her Instagram page.


PictureS by: Felipe Ramales /