The star of the series “Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown knows firsthand what it feels like to be harassed by classmates. The other day, the actress, who is the youngest UNICEF goodwill ambassador, raised the topic of bullying at the UN summit.

Brown noted that now at every such congress they like to talk about children’s rights. But it’s time for young people to stand up for their own rights.

Today I want to touch on a very personal issue for me. This is what most often goes unnoticed, but brings real suffering. This is bullying

– so the young actress began her speech.

The girl said that at school she felt very vulnerable and helpless when she was pushed by a group of students.

School should be a safe place, but I was scared to go there,

She added.

I got lucky. Thanks to my family, friends and the people around me, I was able to cope with negative feelings and regain my confidence. But millions of other children are so unlucky. They are still struggling with their fears in total darkness. Bullying and online threats are never harmless. They endanger the mental health of children and cause stress. And in the worst cases, when bullying becomes permanent, it can lead to self-destruction, illness and even suicide,

– said Millie Bobby Brown.

The actress noted that she would continue to draw attention to this burning topic. She asked all those present to help create social programs and laws that would protect children from bullying.