Miley Cyrus is no stranger to shocking the audience – for many years the girl shocked her admirers with revealing outfits and antics, as well as image changes, but the other day she first tried on a beard. Of course, the singer did not grow facial hair, but stuck a dummy – and all for the sake of the Roux Racing Race Show.

Miley has become a judge of the new season of the show, in which Ru Paul, one of the most popular representatives of drag quins in the US, is looking for a new drag quins superstar. The girl shared her original transformation on Instagram, and her subscribers immediately began to write that she looked like Jared Leto or Leonardo DiCaprio. Some Miley fans are seriously worried about whether such an image will interfere with her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus herself always with humor treats her temporary reincarnations, therefore she is happy to take part in such adventures.

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But make it fashion…

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The name of the show “King Paul Racing Racing” is a word game of drag queen and drag racing. For those who do not know: drag-quin is a man (most often) who uses female images, as a rule, for her stage career. Often among them there are also representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation, but heterosexuals among drag-quin are also quite a lot.