The star realizes that its quarantine is very different from the quarantine of many people.

Miley Cyrus recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal, where she was asked about quarantined life. The actress immediately said that her situation cannot be compared with the situation of other people, because she, unlike the rest, is doing well.

I have a special situation, I understand that. And my experience of self-isolation is incomparable with the experience of isolation of most people. Yes, my life has paused, but I honestly do not face the horror of a pandemic. I have comfortable housing, there is always food on the table, everything is in order with money. It’s not at all comparable with the realities that other people find themselves in,

– shared Miley.

She also noted that many celebrities refuse to participate in her online show Bright Minded. According to Miley, they, perhaps, also feel distant from the reality of ordinary people, so they do not want to discuss their quarantine.

I think many who I tried to call feel the same way. Their reality is different from the reality of others, and they believe that they should not emphasize it again,

– noted Cyrus.

A similar idea was already expressed by comedian Ricky Gervais. He is outraged that the stars, who have millions on their accounts and chic mansions, communicate with their audience and give her advice on self-isolation. Ricky believes that on this issue there cannot be equality and unity, which celebrities often talk about:

You won’t hear from me like that. After all, there are nurses who work for 14 hours, and other employees who risk their health. Everything is fine with me, do not worry. I can walk in nature and I have a garden. And other people live in apartment buildings with three children – what can I complain about?