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It may not seem that long ago that the children’s series ‘Hannah Montana’ premiered, but now we are really sixteen years further. Leading actress Miley Cyrus (29) reflects on the great success of the program on Instagram.

“Happy 16th Anniversary Hannah Montana”
Under her video on Instagram, in which the singer tries to remember a popular song from the series, Miley writes: “Happy 16th anniversary Hannah Montana .” She explains that her life completely changed 16 years ago when the series premiered. She also thanks her fans for all the support and love. “Thanks to your loyalty and support, I have had the honor of traveling the world for over a decade and performing for fans who bring so much beauty into my life.”


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The Hannah Montana series was created for children between the ages of 7 and 17. The first season was broadcast in the Netherlands in May 17, 2008, the last season was released in 2011.

Although Miley was able to exert a lot of influence on the youth during her Hannah Montana existence, she has not completely forgotten this. Last year she managed to inspire many people with her haircut.