The love of fans sometimes goes beyond all boundaries, and Miley Cyrus was convinced of this from her own experience. An unpleasant incident occurred after the performance of the singer at the Primavera Sound music festival in Spain, where the star flew with Liam Hemsworth.

Twitter users drew attention to one of the videos, which became available after the speech of Miley Cyrus. Moving to the car, the star with her husband was in the crowd of fans, one of whom behaved rather aggressively to touch the idol. The fan pulled Miley by the hair, and then completely grabbed her in his arms and kissed her. Everything happened so quickly that Liam did not have time to react, and the couple quickly got into the car.

Cyrus herself did not attach any importance to this incident, because now the singer is focused on promoting her new music album, She Is Coming (“She Is Coming”). A few hours ago, the star published a series of staged photos and videos, some of which can hardly be called decent.

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Miley’s acting career also does not stand still. She will appear in one of the episodes of the new season of the Black Mirror series, which will premiere this Wednesday.