Forcibly, it is classified X …

Miley Cyrus loves everything at Liam Hemsworth and in the smallest details, even the most intimate, which she did not hesitate to say. An Internet user lamented that he did not find any man with the five qualities that were indispensable to him: “to know how to use one’s bosom, to have empathy, to measure more than 1.80m, not to be surrounded by fists” , to have common sense

And as noted by the website Comments by celebs, Miley Cyrus did not hesitate to answer: “Mine has all that! Do not lose hope ! “

The Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart, also followed suit, declaring that she too “found one”. If you also had questions about Cole Sprouse’s abilities, here you are served.


This revelation about Liam Hemsworth’s skills is the latest in a long series from Miley Cyrus in recent days. During his stay at the microphone Howard Stern, as relayed E! News, the Malibu singer explained that he was entitled to “a lot of action” in bed for saving his animals from the flames of the Woolsey fire.

Miley Cyrus also said that when their schedules kept them away from each other, they engaged in cybersex sessions via FaceTime.