Mike Tyson

Former American heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson attacked a passenger who appeared to be bothering him on board a plane on Wednesday.
The victim escaped with bruises on his face.

It was not necessary to irritate “Iron Mike”. The former American boxing champion on Wednesday administered several blows to a passenger who seemed to provoke him on board a plane. He struck several punches at this troublemaker, located behind his seat.

The incident allegedly occurred minutes after boarding a flight from San Francisco to Florida, reports TMZ, a site specializing in people news. According to the witness quoted by the media, the passenger in question would have tried, on multiple occasions, to speak to the boxer in a frantic way. mike tyson lui aurait alors demandé de se calmer, en vain. Il aurait alors perdu son sang-froid et se serait retourné pour le frapper.

A photo of the incident shows the assaulted individual with bloodstains on his temple. Contacted by AFP, the San Francisco police, the airline JetBlue and the agency representing Mike Tyson did not wish to react.

Now 55 years old, Mike Tyson dominated the heavyweights in boxing between the 1980s and 1990s. He became the youngest world champion in this premier category at 20 years and 4 months (1986). “Kid Dynamite” then chained the moments of glory, with in particular a series of 37 fights without defeat at the beginning of his career. The American also experienced multiple slippages. He was thus convicted of rape in 1992 and imprisoned for almost three years. Fifteen years later, he had also admitted a cocaine addiction.