As with the Galaxy S8, it is now possible to preorder a Microsoft version of the next smartphone from the Korean firm.

While the eyes are riveted on the Galaxy S9 and open pre-orders, Microsoft took the opportunity to unveil its version of the smartphone. A version that ships applications thought for a certain use and had already been experimented with the previous phone in the range, the Galaxy S8.

A version not so different from the basic one

That users are reassured: the Microsoft version of the Galaxy S9 does not add much to that of the Korean. Level tariff, it is the same that are practiced by the two firms. But the American simply includes additional applications on the phone such as Skype, OneDrive, Outlook etc. Irony of the story? These can simply be downloaded to the Google Play Store via a Samsung Galaxy S9 without being a Windows edition. Not to mention that Samsung himself disavows this version that does not bring much to a phone that is self-sufficient. In the end, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will mainly benefit those wanting to enjoy a ” Microsoft customization applied to Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus“As explained by The Verge through a spokesman for Microsoft.