In this era of communications between continents mostly rely on cables in the sea more often called submarine cables and these submarine cables make a passage of data between countries.

Microsoft and Facebook has announced a join venture to install a submarine cable to connect the United States to Europe and this will ensure dedicated and prepared communication. This submarine cable is going to be more fast and with greater capacity than the cables so far installed.


The new Submarine project, called Marea span more than 4000 miles between the city of Virginia to the Spanish city of Bilbao. This would be a eight pairs of optic strands, which will initially have 160Tbps of capacity which would make it the highest capacity link between Atlantic.
Microsoft and Facebook joined hands with Spanish Internet carrier Telefonica SA to build this cable project and tis is expected to be in working next year.

On Thursday in an join statement by the companies it is said that this cable will ensure lower cost, accelerate bandwidth rates and help accommodate the explosion of data use around the world. It would make cloud computing and personal usage of social media much faster and easier.
Mr. Christian Belady general manager of data center strategy of Microsoft said to the media that “We were looking for other places, You want to make sure you have multiple paths. You can’t survive on one cable, or frankly two.”