Microsoft does not seem to agree to be behind Sony for everything related to video games, especially at the console level. The war seems to be revived with this announcement, which is about the creation of a cloud gaming division.

Microsoft has big ambitions in 2018 for the video game industry. The firm has just created a Cloud Gaming division, which will be managed by a former Microsoft, Kareem Choudhry, closely linked to the big boss of gaming Phil Spencer.

Microsoft launches gaming offensive with the launch of cloud gaming business

The announcement is not so surprising, since the American firm has recently bought the company Playfab, specialized in the cloud. And Microsoft does not hide its ambitions with this new department, focusing on the future.

Kareem Choudhry told The Verge : ” The new division is designed to engage game developers and publishers to use Microsoft’s cloud services. We believe there will be two billion players in the world, and our goal is to reach all of them . ”

A cloud gaming division to subdue the competition?

It is therefore for Microsoft to reposition itself as a leader in the gaming sector. Lagging behind Sony at its consoles, Microsoft is relying on other devices to win back the hearts of gamers. One of his angles of attack could well be the Game Pass, which has met with some success.

The firm could well rely on it to develop its strategies. Indeed, everything suggests that it could become the Netflix of the video game and that the Xbox becomes a service and not a materialized console.

Knowing that the firm has lost a battle against the PS4, Microsoft is all intangible to attract a growing number of players. Microsoft wants to dedicate large means to achieve this ambition and Kareem Choudhry says: ” Phil [Spencer] really wanted a team dedicated exclusively to cloud gaming . In addition, Microsoft will rake very broadly at the competition and will propose the content of other brands on its platform. The US giant says, ” We are looking for ways to make this content available to everyone, no matter what device .”

But is not all this risky? The future will tell. In the meantime, Microsoft will make additional announcements at the E3 show, which will be held next June.